Collapse of Larsen B Ice Shelf 2017 Silver Coin with Hologram

Thursday, 8 June 2017  |  Gareth

The Larsen Ice Shelf is a long, fringing ice shelf consisting of 3 sectors situated in the northwest Weddell Sea and extending along the Antarctic Peninsular. During the period of 31 January to March 2002, the Larsen B Sector of the shelf partly collapsed and 3,250 km2 of ice, 220m thick, vanished into the sea in about a week. A research study conducted by NASA in 2015 concluded that at the remainder of the Larsen B sector will collapse by 2020. A stunning truth when you think about that the shelf has remained stable for the past 10,000 years!

To highlight the effect of worldwide warming on the Antarctic this coin includes a picture of the Larsen B Ice Shelf which has a hologram effect struck onto the coin. The hologram represents the part of the ice shelf that collapsed 15 years ago which retreats as you tilt the coin. The rim of this coin has actually been created with a broken ice effect that ties together the entire theme of the coin really efficiently.

Pobjoy Mint is proud of the success we have had producing holographic coins in the past and as this coin is unusual and has a low mintage of just 2,002 (representing the year of the Larsen B Sector collapse) we predict it ending up being an extremely preferable addition to any collection.

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