Portrait of Britain 2016 Collection (Pt2)

Thursday, 15 September 2016  |  Gareth

With this four-coin set, Royal Mint coin designers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy have actually captured the appreciation of a visitor standing prior to these landscapes for the first time. After checking out each site the designers likewise wanted to catch a genuine local color, representing the changing qualities of the British weather condition and creating a colour result similar to that of an impressionist painting.

Trichromatic colour printing, utilized only hardly ever by The Royal Mint, was perfect for this purpose. It allows colour to be used delicately and look like a painted wash, offering included depth to each scene and representing the different mood and sensation.

“Instead of a strong layer of colour we used the trichromatic process to develop subtle tints,” said Royal Mint Chief Engraver Gordon Summers.

“It’s like the difference in result in between painting with oils or with watercolours. It’s a softer impact that permits the metal beneath to show through, developing an ‘impressionist’ feel and showing the moving light and colour of the landscapes.”

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