The Magellanic Penguin 2017 50p Cupro Nickel Coin

The Magellanic Penguin 2017 50p Cupro Nickel Coin
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Code:  L4C65404B
Brand:  Pobjoy Mint Limited

Shipping Weight:  50g

Key Features

  • Issued on behalf of the Falkland Islands
  • Features the Magellanic Penguin
  • Struck in uncirculated cupro-nickel, enhanced by colour printing
  • Available in a plush presentation case
  • Legal tender in the Falkland Islands
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The Magellanic Penguin 2017 50p Cupro Nickel Coin Coin Quality

The Falkland Islands describe themselves as the penguin capital of the world as more than 1 million penguins nest on the Islands, for that reason in 2017 Pobjoy has produced a set of four lovely Native penguins in colour on 50 pence pieces. Likewise there is a collector's pack to contain the coins around a bait ball!

Magellanic penguin, named after Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, is a penguin indigenous to the Falkland Islands, where they nest in dense flocks. In look, they resemble a Humboldt penguin, with black bodies, white abdomens and with 2 black bands between the head and the chest. Their heads are black with a white stripe across their eyebrows. In the wild these penguins can live to around 25 years!

Magellanic penguins are monogamous, staying faithful to one partner throughout their life. They can produce approximately 2 eggs each year with their spouse. Similarly to other penguins, Magellanic Penguins take it in turns to incubate their eggs while their partner swims out to sea to feed. Due to fish populations, becoming even further from the Penguin nesting grounds their partners are starving whilst they hunt. This, in addition to other environmental issues such as oil spills have led to a decline of about 20% in 20 years within some nests and these penguins are now considered 'Near Threatened'.

The reverse features an adult Magellanic Penguin swimming out to sea with its head breaking the surface. The obverse includes the exclusive Pobjoy Mint effigy style of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Denomination 50p
Metal Cupro-nickel
Size 27.30mm
Weight 8.00gms
Quality Diamond Finish
Mintage 7,500
Shipping Weight UK Economy UK Ecoonomy Signature UK Standard UK Standard Signature UK Tracked
0kg - 1kg Free £5.00 £3.00 £6.00 £10.25
1kg - 2kg Free £7.00 £4.00 £8.00 £13.25
2kg - 3kg Free - £6.00 £10.00 £31.95
3kg - 4kg Free - £8.00 £11.00 £31.95
4kg - 5kg Free - £9.00 £14.00 £31.95
5kg - 10kg Free - - - £31.95
10kg - 20kg Free - - - £49.50
Shipping Weight Europe Standard Europe Signed RoW Signed
0kg - 1kg £6.00 £12.00 £14.50
1kg - 2kg £10.50 £17.00 £22.00
2kg - 3kg - - -
3kg - 4kg - - -
4kg - 5kg - - -
5kg - 10kg - - -
10kg - 20kg - - -

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