Triskelion Definitives Presentation Pack

Triskelion Definitives Presentation Pack
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Code:  VE41
Brand:  I.O.M. Post Office

Shipping Weight:  28g

Key Features

  • First collection of variable value self-adhesive stamps
  • Text by Richard West
  • Based on the Manx Three Legs of Man emblem
  • Features a modern interpretation of the three legs of man
  • Also in coils of 600 and 2000
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'Variable rate definitive self-adhesive stamps' are understood as 'Post & Go stamps' and 'Faststamps' in a variety of other jurisdictions, they are popular, extremely collectible and deemed the next generation of self-adhesive stamps. Each stamp features the stamp value, date of problem, sequential number and stamp identifier.

This 4 page glossy mini brochure is the best way to display a mint condition set of the Triskelion Definitives. Alongside the stunning imagery including the Three Legs of Man and Manx tartan is a comprehensive problem text enlivening Isle of Man Stamp's journey to their first collection of variable worth self-adhesive stamps.

These stamps, with their own sequential number and stamp identifier, make these a really distinct edition to your collection. The 4 variations of this emblem are based upon:

  • The Three legs as they appear in Douglas Town Hall
  • The Millenium of Tynwald three legs
  • The three legs as seen on the old brewery building on Castletown Quay
  • A modern analysis of the three legs of man.

The legs normally run clockwise and carry the Latin motto 'Quocunque Jeceris Stabit' meaning 'whichever way you throw, I stand', a referral to the independence and strength of the Manx people.

Country of Issue Isle of Man
Issue Date 15th February 2017
Design EJC Design
Text Richard West
Stamp Size 56 x 25mm
Colours 4
Process Offset Lithography
Paper Self-adhesive
Number of Stamps 6
Format Coils of 600 and 2000
Shipping Weight UK Economy UK Ecoonomy Signature UK Standard UK Standard Signature UK Tracked
0kg - 1kg Free £5.00 £3.00 £6.00 £10.25
1kg - 2kg Free £7.00 £4.00 £8.00 £13.25
2kg - 3kg Free - £6.00 £10.00 £31.95
3kg - 4kg Free - £8.00 £11.00 £31.95
4kg - 5kg Free - £9.00 £14.00 £31.95
5kg - 10kg Free - - - £31.95
10kg - 20kg Free - - - £49.50
Shipping Weight Europe Standard Europe Signed RoW Signed
0kg - 1kg £6.00 £12.00 £14.50
1kg - 2kg £10.50 £17.00 £22.00
2kg - 3kg - - -
3kg - 4kg - - -
4kg - 5kg - - -
5kg - 10kg - - -
10kg - 20kg - - -

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