100th Anniversary of The Battle of Somme

Friday, 9 September 2016  |  Gareth

In 1916 the British Army battled a battle on the Somme in Northern France that still lingers darkly in the country’s memory. The shelling of German positions proved inefficient and many were exposed to a fatal storm of gun fire. The Battle of the Somme cast a long shadow on those communities who lost a lot of their men.

In 2016 The Royal Mint continues its 5 year program of celebration, which tells the story of the First World War in coins, with this silver ₤5 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the battle. John Bergdahl’s design is inspired by the innovation that helped to change the nature of the conflict, and depicts the debut of a brand-new piece of military hardware– the tank. Struck to Proof standard and presented in a black case, this is a poignant homage to an awful juncture in the First World War.

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