100th Anniversary of the First World War Aviation

Tuesday, 11 July 2017  |  Gareth

The very first airplane were wooden-framed fuselages covered with glued sheets, with wooden wings connected and a simple cockpit. These aircraft were unreliable, crashed regularly and crews did not carry parachutes. Early engines were weak, making it difficult to become airborne with a man within, while any weapons contributed to the weight. In the early days of the war, fire was the airman's worst enemy rather than enemy pilots.

As innovation established, air combat ended up being an amazing kind of warfare in the eyes of the press and the general public. The exploits of fighter pilots, or 'aces', were especially romanticised, portrayed as worthy 'gentlemen duellists' in the skies above the horror of the trenches.

The edge lettering of this coin pays tribute to the very first aviators to compromise their lives in the race for the skies, keeping in mind the days of the war when 'The Sky Rained Heroes'.


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