Expeditions: Sir Walter Raleigh

Wednesday, 8 August 2018  |  Gareth

To celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh, this spectacular brand-new release includes the Ark Raleigh, the ship that was built for Raleigh, alongside the Ark a picture of the explorer himself.

Sir Walter Raleigh was an English man who was an author, explorer, courtier and poet. One of the most noteworthy figures of the Elizabethan period, during 1579 and 1583 Raleigh battled in the service of Queen Elizabeth I. Upon his return Raleigh was rewarded with a large estate in Ireland and a knighthood, Tall, sure of oneself and good-looking, Raleigh increased in favourability and stature, he was appointed captain of the Queen's Guard in 1586, the highest office in court.

Raleigh contributed in the English colonisation of North America after being given a royal patent see New World. After hearing of the legend of El Dorado, the well-known City of Gold, Raleigh went on two trips looking for the City which led him to the northern coast of South America and the Caribbean Sea. When he arrived back in England he had brought with him two of today's most well-known produce that Europe had never seen before, potatoes and tobacco. Thus ensuring his rightful place in the history books.


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