Giant Coconut Crab Brown Titanium Coin

Thursday, 18 January 2018  |  Gareth

The Coconut Crab is the world's biggest Land Arthropod and an extremely remarkable looking crab. These Crabs are commonly found in the British Indian Ocean Territory so we thought it more than appropriate to release this coin on their behalf. The depiction reveals two large coconut crabs, one on the flooring feasting on the flesh of a coconut and the other climbing a coconut palm.

Coconut crabs are well-known for their massive size, weighing over 4kg and with a leg span that can reach over 1 metre. They can, however, be discovered climbing the Coconut Palms and sometimes using damaged coconut shells as security. Current video has shown a coconut crab searching a Seabird!

Unfortunately, Coconut crabs have actually been extensively hunted on islands where there is a human population as their flesh is considered both a delicacy and an aphrodisiac. When the tables are turned and they manage to pinch a human, they can cause significant discomfort and will not launch their grip for a long time. One method utilized to totally free somebody from their powerful grip is to tickle their underbelly!


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