Great British Motorcycles

Thursday, 17 May 2018  |  Gareth

Each of the twelve First Class stamps in this collection bear a painting of a traditional engine as developed by Graham Crowley, a prominent painter and bike lover, or a picture of the motorbike in action, drawn from Mortons Archive, making this a genuinely distinct stamp collection.

The Isle of Man TT course has actually been identified as the sternest test for bike and rider in motorsport for more than one hundred years. Throughout this time the cream of British engineers and producers have actually showcased their ingenious work and showed its strength. Our stamp problem concentrates on these ground-breaking engines with paintings by distinguished artist Graham Crowley in mix with archive images from Mortons Archive, among the best collections of motorbike images on the planet.

The gripping text is wrtiten by David Wright who has a lifelong interest in motorcycles, is the author of several books on the Isle of Man TT races and Vincent motorcycles.  He has also contributed to previous Isle of Man stamp issues. It also includes a mint condition set of all twelve stamps from this innovative collection and is accompanied with striking photography and colourful paintings by renowned artist Graham Crowley.


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