Hearts of Ellan Vannin

Monday, 9 January 2017  |  Gareth

The issue also incorporates our two Europa castle-themed stamps for this year represented by Castletown and Peel.

Featured on the stamps are:
• Peel Castle and Harbour (1st – This is also a Europa Stamp)
• Castle Rushen and Castletown Harbour (EU – This is a Europa Stamp)
• Boats at Onchan Pleasure Park (95p)
• Ramsey Swing Bridge (£1.24)
• Port St Mary Harbour (£1.27)
• Bradda Glen in Port Erin (£2.33)

Available in the collection are:
• Set
• Presentation Pack
• First Day Cover
• Europa 1st Sheetlet
• Europa EU Sheetlet
• Europa Sheetlet Set
• Europa First Day Cover


Adam Berry
Adam is a full time artist and graphic designer, born and bred on the Isle of Man. Raised in Onchan, taking an interest in art from a young age, following in his parents' footsteps, both of whom attended the almost-legendary Kensington Road Art School in Douglas.

Adam exhibits regularly on the Isle of Man and his exhibition Hullabaloo was the product of a year as Artist in Residence at The Sayle Gallery in Douglas. Aside from the crisp flat graphic style that he has employed for the stamps, he has used psychedelic colours, flowing shapes and pointillism in his paintings and design commissions which has led to a bright, detailed, fresh look at the Isle of Man.

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