Invention and Innovation

Wednesday, 13 September 2017  |  Gareth

The Isle of Man resident is a celebrated horologist and his extensive clock collection, and the incredible Chronophage clocks he has designed, are prominent among the designs. Of equal importance are two inventions which have been central to his life; the Otter G switch, a temperature-sensitive thermostat used in everything from motorcars to hairdryers, and the bimetal kettle switch used in millions of households every day.

His Isle of Man home Arragon Mooar is bursting with unique design features created by Dr Taylor, and it is showcased among these stamps. The distinctive floor design found inside the house forms an integral element of every stamp.

Finally, Dr Taylor’s philanthropy is recognised through a celebration of the Taylor Library at Cambridge University’s Corpus Christi and the Professorship of Innovation established at Cambridge’s Engineering Department.



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