Isle of Man Festivals

Friday, 7 April 2017  |  Gareth

This colourful collection uses colour blocks on each stamp to represent the stage of the festival while words related to each of the festivals is displayed in microtext

On the bottom edge of the miniature sheets the logos for each of the stamps can be found as labels beneath their respective festivals. Above the stamps is the title of the stamp collection, with the Manx Translation, Feaillaghyn Ayns Mannin, along with some decorative Celtic knots and some Manx dancers.

The festivals features on the miniatures sheet are (in the order they appear from left to right):
• Mananan International Festival
• Manx Lit Fest
• The Manx Music, Speech and Dance Festival (a.k.a The Guild)
• Shennaghys Jiu
• CeltFest (formerly Yr Chrunnaght)

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