Isle of Man TT 2018 Mike Hailwood 2 Coin

Friday, 25 May 2018  |  Gareth

Mike Hailwood saw his very first race at age 10 with his dad, and very first spectated at the Isle of Man TT races in 1956. He teamed with Dan Shorey to win the Thruxton 500 endurance race and finished will in 4 classes of the Isle of Man TT race with one podium.

By 1961, Mike was racing for an up-and-coming Japanese factory called Honda. In June 1961, he ended up being the very first person in the history of the Isle of Man TT to win 3 races in one week, when he won in the 125 cc, 250 cc and 500 cc classifications.

Mike Hailwood is thought of by lots as one of the best racers of all time. Referred to as "Mike The Bike" due to his natural riding capability on bikes with a series of engine capabilities. Later on in his profession he went on to contend in Formula One and other classes of car racing, turning into one of the couple of people to complete at Grand Prix level in both motorbike and automobile racing.



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