Mythical Creatures 2018 2oz Fine Silver Coin Seriese

Friday, 14 September 2018  |  Gareth


This coin includes the snake-headed Gorgon, Medusa in sensational 2oz Fine Silver produced in High Relief with an Antique style Finish which brings the fantastic highlighted character to life.

The image on the coin depicts Medusa surround by figures that have been become stone and Neptune's spear can be seen in the surrounding water. The high relief and antique surface on the coin bring this legendary character to life, emphasising the poisonous snakes instead of her hair. One last coin will be launched to complete the series, featuring The Centaur.

Medusa was first a stunning girl whose crowning magnificence was her long hair and she was for that reason preferred and courted by numerous suitors. Prior to her becoming betrothed to a husband, Neptune discovered her worshipping in the temple of Athena and ravished her. Athena was so mad that her spiritual temple had been violated; she turned Medusa's gorgeous hairs into snakes which provided her the power to turn anything that looked straight at her into stone.

Created to excite, amuse and motivate the listeners, the ancient Myths include morals which teach various virtues: love, self-reliance, courage and strength. They likewise teach that vices such as jealousy, treachery and greed have repercussions.

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The Hydra

The third coin in the series features The Hydra. A further two coins will be released to add to this series featuring The Centaur and Medusa.

The story of the Twelve Labours of Hercules is well known all over the world. These were feats that Hercules had to complete over 12 years as a penance – feats considered so difficult that they seemed impossible. The second labour of Hercules was to kill the Lernean Hydra, a monstrous nine-headed serpent who terrorised the local countryside and attacked with poisonous venom. This monster was not easily defeated as one of the nine heads was immortal and therefore indestructible. The Hydra also had assistance from a huge crab which would bite Hercules’ foot. After removing and destroying the eight mortal heads by sealing the neck to prevent replacement heads growing, Hercules cut off the ninth head and buried it in the ground covered with a heavy rock.

The image on the coin shows Hercules fighting the Hydra with the crab also shown attacking Hercules with the high relief and antique finish on the coining really showing how monstrous the Hydra was.

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The Minotaur

The 2nd coin in the series depicts The Minotaur, and follows the first coin in the series featuring The Siren, the 2nd coin continues to highlight another of the popular myths known the world over.

The myths of the Minotaur and Theseus is among the most interesting misconceptions of Greek folklore. The Minotaur, the child of Queen Pasiphone and a bull sent out by the Greek God, Zeus, was half guy and half bull. As the King was so embarrassed of this beast, he concealed him in a specifically built maze which was so complex that nobody will ever find their way out alive.

This spectacular series of 5 2oz Fine Silver coins has actually been produced in High Relief with each coin being Antique Finished by hand bringing the remarkable highlighted characters to life. Another 3 coins will be launched to contribute to this series including The Hydra, The Centaur and Medusa.

The design on the coin reveals the Minotaur in fight with the hero Theseus. The detailed maze where the Minotaur dwelt can be seen in the background.

Theseus chose to go and destroy the Minotaur in order to end the human sacrifices that were made each year. Having gotten in the maze, unwinding thread as he went, Theseus was not just able to kill the Minotaur, he was likewise able to locate his exit of the labyrinth.

Created to excite, captivate and influence the listeners, the ancient Myths consist of morals which teach various virtues: love, courage, strength and self-reliance. They likewise teach that vices such as jealousy, greed, greed and treachery have consequences.

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The Siren

The historical and famous legends about mythological creatures are known all over the world  and this stunning issue of a 2oz Fine Silver coin has been produced in High Relief and has an Antique Finish that has been completed by hand bringing these amazing characters to life.

The first coin being issued features The Siren. A further four coins will be released to add to this series featuring The Hydra, The Minotaur, The Centaur and Medusa.

The Sirens would lure the sailors by singing with their alluring voices and playing hypnotic music. The Ships would crash into the rocks allowing the Sirens to feed on the unsuspecting sailors. The image of the coin depicts a Siren sitting on the rocks playing her harp luring another ship to its doom.

The famous mythological stories, legends and tales are designed to entertain, thrill and inspire the listeners. These ancient Myths contain morals teaching the virtues of love, strength, courage and self-reliance. They also teach the consequences of vices associated with jealousy, greed, treachery and deceit.


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