Mythical Creatures: The Minotaur 2018 2oz Coin

Friday, 15 June 2018  |  Gareth

The 2nd coin in the series depicts The Minotaur, and follows the first coin in the series featuring The Siren, the 2nd coin continues to highlight another of the popular myths known the world over.

The myths of the Minotaur and Theseus is among the most interesting misconceptions of Greek folklore. The Minotaur, the child of Queen Pasiphone and a bull sent out by the Greek God, Zeus, was half guy and half bull. As the King was so embarrassed of this beast, he concealed him in a specifically built maze which was so complex that nobody will ever find their way out alive.

This spectacular series of 5 2oz Fine Silver coins has actually been produced in High Relief with each coin being Antique Finished by hand bringing the remarkable highlighted characters to life. Another 3 coins will be launched to contribute to this series including The Hydra, The Centaur and Medusa.

The design on the coin reveals the Minotaur in fight with the hero Theseus. The detailed maze where the Minotaur dwelt can be seen in the background.

Theseus chose to go and destroy the Minotaur in order to end the human sacrifices that were made each year. Having gotten in the maze, unwinding thread as he went, Theseus was not just able to kill the Minotaur, he was likewise able to locate his exit of the labyrinth.

Created to excite, captivate and influence the listeners, the ancient Myths consist of morals which teach various virtues: love, courage, strength and self-reliance. They likewise teach that vices such as jealousy, greed, greed and treachery have consequences.



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