Pacific Green Turtle Titanium Coin

Monday, 20 March 2017  |  Gareth

Pacific Green turtles are among the most iconic animals that swim the sea and to commemorate this gorgeous animal Pobjoy Mint is producing a limited number of Titanium coins. The coin illustrates a set of turtles swimming in unison with the sun warming their shells. Whilst striking, Pobjoy Mint have actually managed to record a high level of detail on the shells of the Turtles, a feat that is specifically hard on Titanium coins due to the firmness of the metal.

Pacific Green Turtles are a large sea turtle which takes their name from the fat discovered underneath their carapace. (Their shells, ironically, are brown to black of colour) These big migratory herbivores frequently live in shallow lagoons however likewise travel great distances between feeding and nesting grounds.

One of the locations Pacific Green Turtles can be discovered nesting is on the beaches of the Chagos Islands and particularly Diego Garcia which belongs to the British Indians Ocean Territory. In between 400 and 800 of these magnificent animals nest every year throughout the Chagos and are well safeguarded. This is most apparent in Diego Garcia where around 50% of the whole island is a protected nature reserve. It is here that the adult females can lay their eggs without the threat of human intervention.

The Green Turtle's diet plan changes as it grows. As a Juvenile they are meat-eating but as they grow their diet changes to consist of more and more plants and fully mature grownups are often rigorous herbivores. The turtles feeding journeys typically last about 5 minutes but they can in fact hold their breath for up to 5 hours.

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