Sapphire Jubilee Royal Cypher Coin

Friday, 1 September 2017  |  Gareth

The design on the coin features the Royal Cypher of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which, amongst other places, appears on the gates of the Tower of London. The Cypher itself consists of The Queen's initials surrounded by flowers and plants representing the United Kingdom. The Rose for England, the Daffodil for Wales, the Thistle for Scotland and the Shamrock representing Northern Ireland. The obverse includes the Pobjoy effigy in high definition.

Making use of a Royal Cypher stems in the Commonwealth Realms, where the public usage of the royal initials dates from the early Tudor period and is merely the initial of the Sovereign with the addition of the letter R for Rex or Regina. The Sovereign utilises the same Cypher throughout all his or her nations.

In order to show the year that the longest serving British Monarch ascended to the throne, Pobjoy Mint will release 1,952 of these Proof Sterling Silver coins on behalf of Ascension Island. All the proof coins are produced to the greatest quality and have been struck four times to produce a wonderful mirror surface.

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