The Archipelago and Wildlife of the British Virgin Islands

Tuesday, 6 February 2018  |  Gareth

The obverse of the Archipelago and Wildlife 2018 Coin includes the Pobjoy unique effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II in extraordinary detail. In order to keep the exclusivity of this piece, just 2,000 of the Proof Sterling Silver coins will be produced and 10,000 of the Uncirculated Cupro Nickel.


The British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory, situated in the Caribbean and are part of the Virgin Islands island chain. The Islanders are British Citizens and have actually been ruled by the British monarchy since Tortola was taken from the Dutch in 1672.


To commemorate the British Virgin Islands Archipelago and the Wildlife that populates it, Pobjoy Mint is happy to release this coin showing a lovely map of the islands. We have actually likewise superimposed a few of the wildlife from the Archipelago over the map. This consists of an Iguana, a Flamingo, a Brown Pelican and some Crustaceans making this coin preferable piece for any fan of the natural world!


The British Virgin Islands are residence to numerous amazing animals. Iguanas can be discovered basking in the sun throughout the islands which makes a popular photo for travellers.


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