The Crabeater Blue Titanium Coin

Wednesday, 26 July 2017  |  Gareth

Pobjoy Animal coins are a popular collectable and those with a ₤2 value seem to be especially preferable. This brand-new blue titanium coin features a mother seal and her pup resting on the ice while dad hunts.

The Crabeater seal is discovered in a circumpolar distribution around the coast of Antarctica and is a mammal that regardless of its name does not feed on crabs. Its diet does include other crustaceans such as Krill which the seal, with their specifically adapted screen like teeth, are really proficient at hunting. The Crabeater Seal is without a doubt the world's most abundant seal and there are well over 7 million of them.

Crabeaters move in a comparable style to snakes and can reach speeds of 26kph on land over brief distances. In the water they can swim at speeds of as much as 12kph and can cover over 60km in a day. They gather on the ice in groups of up to 1,000 individuals and in the water can be discovered swimming in unison in groups of several hundred.

This coin is released on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory and production is restricted to 7,500 Blue Titanium coins.

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