The Endemic Shrimp Dusky Pink Titanium Coin

Thursday, 21 June 2018  |  Gareth

The Shrimp 2018 Dusky Pink Titanium Coin features a shoal of Shrimp endemic to just two little rock pools on Ascension Island, Procaris ascensionis is a types of shrimp which is in an incredibly prone position. The two seaside rock pools in which this type of Shrimp can be discovered are set well inland past the high tide mark however it is possible that the pools have underground connections with the ocean. The tiniest shrimps are believed to invest much of the time concealed among the algae and crevices of the pool, however the bigger shrimps invest more time in the open water.

As Titanium responds in a different way with every production strike, each Titanium Shrimp coin is technically different and differs somewhat in colour as well. There is likewise a lined impact effect that appears on the coins which is distinct to this type of metal. The obverse depicts the Pobjoy Mint effigy style of HM Queen Elizabeth II in fine detail.




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