The Nemo Clown Fish Orange Titanium Coin

Friday, 26 January 2018  |  Gareth

You can discover the Clownfish living among the tentacles of Sea Anemones and they have an intriguing and equally helpful relationship with these plants. The Anemones protect the fish from predators and offers it with scraps of undigested food whilst the Clownfish secures the Anemones from parasites. There are a number of theories on how the Clownfish endures the poisonous tentacles of the Anemone that include a progressed resistance and distinct coatings on their skin.

The Clownfish likewise referred to as Anemonefish are one of the most recognisable fish in the sea. There are thirty different types of the fish of differing size and colour found in warm, shallow water across the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The reverse of this brand-new Titanium coin includes the much loved Clownfish; made popular by the Disney film "Finding Nemo" this little fish has a big character both in the film and on the reef! We have attempted to catch this character by producing this coin in orange Titanium in order to match the gorgeous colour of the fish. The design shows the Clownfish surrounded by its host Anemone.


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