The Queen's Beasts The Black Bull of Clarence

Monday, 26 February 2018  |  Gareth

The latest addition to The Queen's Beasts Collection commemorates the stunning Bull of Clarence and its association with the Royal Family and the county of Yorkshire. 

When Her Majesty The Queen was crowned in 1953, the entryway to Westminster Abbey was safeguarded by 10 fantastical animals. The Queen's Beasts symbolised the centuries of heritage that Queen Elizabeth II continued that crowning day.

The Black Bull of Clarence is associated with power and strength and is believed to have actually included on the guards of the Yorkist army that beat the House of Lancaster in 1461, making Edward IV the very first Yorkist King of England. When Elizabeth I authorised the recoinage of all silver coins, the bull began to appear on coins and the Royal Arms throughout the 1560s.

The Queen's Beasts appeared together for the very first time in 1953 at Her Majesty The Queen's crowning and now, throughout its 65th anniversary, you too can own a piece of British royal history.


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