The Sovereign 2019

Saturday, 5 January 2019  |  Gareth

In 1819, the Ricardo Ingot Plan almost saw gold coins replaced by banknotes. A century later the First World War saw the use of gold coins as circulating currency reduce to such a degree that Sovereign production stopped in 1917. But the gold coin endured, now highly prized by collectors and eagerly awaited each year. Its story of survival and excellence now continues with The Sovereign 2019 Collection.

The Sovereign was first introduced in 1489 when Henry VII demanded a ‘new money of gold’ to represent the power of his reign. It was issued by every monarch who followed until James I stopped the tradition. The Sovereign was eventually reborn during the coinage reforms of 1816, featuring Benedetto Pistrucci’s St George and the dragon design.

200 years later, its story continues with The Sovereign 2019, once again featuring Pistrucci’s classic design struck in 22 carat gold and finished to The Royal Mint’s highest Proof standard. Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees it was struck by The Royal Mint, the home of The Sovereign. Having struck Sovereigns for over 500 years, The Royal Mint have gained unrivalled knowledge and expertise about this global icon. 




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