The Yellow Tree Frog Titanium Coin

Monday, 19 February 2018  |  Gareth

The Yellow Titanium Tree Frog Coin from the Reserve Bank of Fiji is the 2nd titanium coin to be launched by Pobjoy Mint. As the Islands of Fiji have such a varied and gorgeous choice of plants and animals, Pobjoy Mint concluded that the Yellow Tree frog records the essence of the tropical rain forest with its vibrant colours and uncommon look and must feature on the 2018 coin. The image on the reverse portrays a Yellow Tree Frog resting on some leaves.

These frogs are not presently thought of as threatened, however they are restricted to little pockets of forest on little islands so are naturally at threat from logging and other predators.

The obverse bears the Fijian Coat of Arms a heraldic design including a guard with the Cross of St. George, Fijian Warriors, a canoe and a Lion on a spectacular proof background.

The Fiji Tree Frog or Platymantis vitiensis is a tree-dwelling frog that is endemic to Fiji. In the wild, these frogs live close to streams and rivers and choose living among remote foliage.

These frogs are night animals and both forage for food and search for a partner to replicate in the evening then lay their eggs in leaf axils, especially of Pandanus trees. Fiji's endemic frogs are small frogs and terrestrial breeders hatch from the eggs instead of tadpoles.


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