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This years Isle of Man Christmas coin comes from the Isle of Man's newly appointed coin mint, Tower Mint. As another first the coin has been produced in a stunning new Alpaca metal as a festive £5 gold coloured coin.

The beautiful £5 coin from the Isle of Man depicts a Christmas White Dove, the universal symbol of peace, with its wings outstretched, holding an olive branch. Images of doves throughout the Christmas season act as a reminder of the Holy Spirit, who is the seal of peace with God. The engraving reads NOLLICK GHENNAL which indicates Merry Christmas in Manx. The inscribing around the edge of the coin reads SHEE DY ROW ER Y THALLOO which means "Peace of Earth".

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The 2017 Christmas Dove £5 Alpaca Coin in a card
The 2017 Christmas Dove £5 Alpaca Coin in a card£11.95
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