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Isle of Man Post Office is honoured to issue this creative set of six stamps designed by illustrator and artist Jay Cover in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the beloved Culture Vannin, where all aspects of Manx Culture are at its core. Each stamp represents the six pillars of Manx culture, particularly highlighting the exceptional and fundamental work that Culture Vannin has undertaken in the revival of interest and support for Manx Language and Culture over the last forty years.

The stamps cover six key topics of cultural support selected by Culture Vannin representatives themselves that best describes and embody the work they have undertaken over the years. The cultural activities include: archaeology, industrial development, architecture, art and crafts, history and law, language and literature, music, folklore and folk-dance and the number 40 appears to mark their years of activity.

The illustrations draw from Manx cultural iconography and can be combined into one long frieze resulting into many different sequences. The visual concept of the issue is to portray Culture Vannin carrying the Island’s culture and history to the population of the Isle of Man and the wider world, hence the movement of those depicted in the artworks. 

The four colours used are derived from Manx tartan and the stamps present a host of characters in the spirit of enthusiastic and slightly mischievous Manx faeries (or the Mooinjer Veggey in Manx) running to transport Manx culture to the people of the Island.

Stamp 1, Supporting Language & Literature (73p)

One character is shown with a banner reading “Gaelg Aboo” (‘hooray for Gaelic’ in Manx). Another character is reading a book by T.E Brown, renowned Manx poet and author.

Stamp 2, Supporting Archaeology & Industrial Development (£1.04)

A construction worker, miner and an archaeologist are depicted.

Stamp 3, Supporting History & Law (£1.38)

Tynwald hill, one of Isle of Man’s most distinctive landmarks and the annual meeting place of the world’s oldest continuous parliament is being carried aloft followed by a Deemster wearing his legal wig and robes and holding the key to our government building the House of Keys.

Stamp 4, Supporting Architecture, Arts & Crafts (£1.91)

An artisan and famous Manx artist Archibald Knox are seen carrying the architecturally distinctive Douglas Sea Terminal building. The pencil being carried by a beret-wearing artist features the letters ‘RBV’ which stands for Reih Bleeaney Vanannan, the highest award for Manx Culture available from Culture Vannin.  

Stamp 5, Supporting Natural History & Ecology (2.16)

Assorted birds and a rabbit accompany a farmer riding a famous Manx loaghtan sheep while carrying a herring. The herring was traditionally vital to our fishing industry and has great folk symbolism, the metaphor

Stamp 6, Supporting Music, Folk-Lore & Folk-Dance (£2.57)

A Manx folk dancer leads a ship-carrying Norseman, to a tune played by the flautist.

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Culture Vannin First Day Cover
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Culture Vannin Presentation Pack
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Culture Vannin Set (CTO)
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Culture Vannin Set (Mint)
Culture Vannin Set (Mint)£9.79
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