The 2006 Lost World of the Dinosaurs Cupro Nickel 4 Coin Set

The 2006 Lost World of the Dinosaurs Cupro Nickel 4 Coin Set
 The 2006 Lost World of the Dinosaurs Cupro Nickel 4 Coin SetThe 2006 Lost World of the Dinosaurs Cupro Nickel 4 Coin Set 
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Code:  L441950B
Brand:  Pobjoy Mint Limited

Shipping Weight:  313g

Key Features

  • Issued on behalf of the Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Struck in uncirculated cupro-nickel
  • Available in a plush presentation case
  • Bears the Republic of Sierra Leone Coat of Arms
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For more than 160 million years the dinosaurs ruled our planet and then mysteriously disappeared.  Now these dramatic creatures are celebrated in a new legal tender collection released by Pobjoy Mint on behalf of the Bank of Sierra Leone.

As evolution and civilisation progresses, man is often responsible for destroying the natural habitat of our wildlife, forcing many closer to extinction.  If more are not to follow in the Dinosaurs footsteps we need to start protecting and preserving our wildlife.  This four coin series shows the diversity of creatures that have disappeared from our planet and depict in particular.

Coins in the collection include:

  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the biggest carnivore ever to live on land.  Fossils found in North America suggest that it was about twelve metres long, six metres tall and weighed about 8 tons.
  • The Brontosaurus weighed more that six fully grown elephants.  This massive creature probably spent most of it’s time eating leaves and plants in order to get enough nutrients for its huge body.
  • The Stegosaurus was an amazing nine metres long and two tons in weight with a brain that was only the size of a walnut.  Its tail was lined with metre long spikes for defence.
  • The Triceratops was a fierce looking horned dinosaur that roamed North America feeding on plants.

Each coin features a beautiful image of the featured dinosaur and this impressive collection is available in Uncirculated Cupro Nickel and Proof Sterling Silver.  All are produced to the highest quality and the precious metal coins have been struck four times to create the Pobjoy proof finish, producing a glorious mirror finish background with the design in sculpted relief.  The obverse carries the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone.
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